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TG: awh thanks man youre gonna make me blush
TG: johns just there watching tv pff

ohhww guys, you're the best <3333 YAOI YAOI YAOI I want YAOI slkjasfkjsa egbertstrider strideregbert I WANT A FRENCH KISS!! : D (???????) Yeah, FREEEEENCHHH KISSSSSSUUUU *3333*

EB: Dave whats yaoi?

TG: well when two people love each other very much
TG: no wrong speech
TG: its gay
TG: very gay
TG: shotas and large hands
TG: you wanna know more go speak to dirk
TG: hes like an expert

So, guys, choose 3 things you would change about each other

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EB: I dont think I would change anything about Dave…Except the smuppets, they are kinda creepy

TG: nah johns p cool hes my bro
TG: hey tho you gotta admit smuppets be the shiz
TG: everyone wants some of that plush smuppet ass  

John, how are the adventures in bed?

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EB: Do you mean the bed fun times?

they are great, jumping about on the bed is a lot of fun. Dave says we should try wrestling some time though

Guys help me, my parents fucking loves con air (they own a copy each) and make me watch it every family movie's sunday night

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TG: well dude thats johns area of expertise 

TG: john im handin it over to you

EB: it sucks, tell them to stop watching it

TG: well john isnt helping much
TG: heres what you do
sneak into wherever you keep the dvds
get another dvd
pop that sucker into the con air box
and presto maybe your parents wont notice when they put the movie in
(or hey just watch con air dude i like it) 

TG: sup guys were answerin questions tonight 
yall get ready for our faces

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John, since I'm guessing Dave is the more dominant one here, if he were to take you on a romantic date, what would be your first pick?

EB: date?
why would he take me on a date?

were not together

TG: hes in denial

are you guys dating irl? :o

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OOC:  ehe yeah we are~

EB: So we’re going to be answering questions and updating the blog this weekend
So send in some more
And we will try answer as many as we can guys

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